What information can you provide about the developer and property manager.

Henry Morgan Resorts built one of the first hotels on West Bay beach around 1998. They have also just finished building a new resort at the other end of the island called Media Luna. Media Luna is in a beautiful and remote location.

HM resorts is only based on Roatan. They have relationships with international charter flights from Italy, Central America and Canada so the resort generally keeps its rooms full. It is an all inclusive resort so food and drink are provided to their guests.


Please itemize all fees, taxes and other ongoing periodic expenses.

If you live in the unit full time you will be expected to pay

Condo fee $295 on an one bedroom unit.

Utilities such as electricity and garbage. I can only estimate these as they depend on usage but $150 a month for electricity would be reasonable depending on AC usage etc.

Yearly disaster insurance. This is expected to be $250-$300 a year. It is mandatory and bulk purchased through HM resorts so each condo is adequately insured.
Property taxes which is
approximately  0.004% of sale price per year. 
Any internal repairs, replacement  of AC, hot water heaters etc as needed.

If you are renting the unit to Henry Morgan a lot of these fees will not apply.

 Is there any financing

Purchasing any property in Honduras is usually cash only. However Henry Morgan offers to finance the last 39K of the price of any condo in return for placing the unit in the rental pool for 6 years. You will still receive your 4 weeks of use a year but you will receive no income as the 8K income will be used to pay off your last 39K.

Are the payments staged for unfinished condos

Top floor condos include private access to half the roof terrace and are now priced at $149,000

Deposit                 $60K
Staged Payment   $50K    (when the roof is poured)
Final Payment      $39K

The bottom floor condos are identical but without roof access and are $119,000

Deposit                 $50K
Staged Payment   $30K    (when the roof is poured)
Final Payment      $39K

What insurance is required and what is the cost?

Estimated $250 to $300 mandatory disaster insurance.


What type of ownership/Deed is provided to foreign purchasers and are there any limitations of ownership rights imposed by Honduras or Roatan?

Standard horizontal deed, that is you own the condo and the footprint. Honduras has a limitation of about 0.7 acres for a foreigner but the condo is well below that.


What is meant by “guaranteed” income, i.e. specifically what is the guarantee?

It varies from unit to unit as HM Resorts is willing to negotiate depending on your requirements. We have people who never plan to stay in the units and have it only as an investment and never plan to visit. We have people who plan to stay here 6 months and rent the rest. The Standard Guaranteed income is $8,000 a year. While the unit is in the rental pool you do not have to pay the Condo Fees or obviously utilities. You are only liable for those when it is not in the pool. So you only pay the time you use it or it is idle. The only exceptions are the insurance, property taxes and large items like water heaters and AC units which are your liability every year. With the guaranteed income you can come 4 weeks a year. 2 in high season (max) and 2 in low season. Also Christmas, New Year and Easter are completely locked out. 

If you wish to use the condo less or more than the "standard" contract please contact Chas to discuss your requirements.


Is the rental income fixed or does it go up or down with occupancy.

It is fixed, regardless of occupancy of your unit.


How long is the Guaranteed income contract.

Standard contract is 3 years with an automatic rollover for another 3 years, if you do not request to exit it.


Does the contract specify rental income to be paid in US dollars and when is it paid.?

Yes the contract is in dollars. It can be paid quarterly but will be 2 quarters behind due to the nature of payment from the charter flights.


What would you anticipate annual appreciation to be for this type of unit?

In today’s market that is not a question that can be easily answered. However in my opinion we are at the very bottom of the market here, 40-50% below what it used to be. I would expect very good appreciation over the next 5 years. This year is already far busier than last year.


What happens after the 3 or 6 year rental supplement period ends?

You can enter a new contract. It cannot be determined at what pricing. However as long as Roatan's popularity increases it is safe to say it will increase over time. 


Typically, what is the nationality of the rental client for these units?

Mostly split between USA and Canada with a few others thrown into the mix.


Are there other similar developments being offered in Roatan, Belize of Mexico, possibly with larger units?

HM resorts is only in Roatan. Units can be combined into 2 or 3 bedroom units but that will incur additional costs unless it is a simple change like an adjoining door.


Is your professional area of operation limited to Roatan?



Can you describe furnishings provided in each unit including kitchen appliances and air conditioning?
Furnishing list is available. It is fully furnished down to knives and forks.


Do owners have a private storage area?

Owners can request the walk in closet be a locked out area.