Henry Morgan Resorts are selling 950 sq ft condos for $ USD. This page will guide you to the information you need to learn about them. Follow the links below.

You can find information on pricing and availability on this page. Click here.

Floor plans and pricing of the development, and a complete zip download can be found here. Click here.

Finally check the FAQ.

In the diagram below C1 , C2 and C3 are nearly finished. You can see recent photos can be found here. Click here.  All the units look inwards towards a swimming pool are about 5 mins walk through the resort to the beach. The condos are completely secure as they reside within the HM resort. A perfect place to relax and enjoy your vacation.

HM Resorts will offer you a $8,000 USD net income (less property taxes and insurance) with 4 weeks for you to visit a year if you are interested in having a holiday home and a great investment. Some restrictions apply.


HM Master Plan Stage 1.JPG