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“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”- Marcus Aurelius

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Life on Roatan: A guide to understanding

To Hold The Sun




was born and raised in England but is a naturalized Australian. His children have all left the island and live in Sydney Australia where they finished their university education. After building several successful businesses as a technology entrepreneur in Silicon Valley during the dot com era, seventeen years ago Chas decided to prioritize time with his family by changing both his career path and environment. Thanks to both foresight and fortune, he anticipated the property crash in California, and the value of his assets allowed him to choose among multiple Caribbean destinations for his family’s new home. For many of the reasons discussed in his books and website, Chas relocated to Roatan, intending to stay for a few years. Once there, like so many expatriates before him, he was seduced by island life and remained permanently.
Chas now enjoys working as a buyers’ only agent for RE/MAX and showing off his adopted home to those interested in spending quality time in the Caribbean. He still dabbles in technology whilst reading and writing on scientific and philosophical matters. He rises to watch the sun rise over the ocean every day and consumes far too much coffee. Occasionally he likes to dance as if no one is watching although he readily admits that his dancing makes people stare. When not showing people around Roatan, he can usually be found enjoying the simple life, chatting with friends at his local coffee shop, or cooking a meal with locally-sourced produce. Often he can be found staring off into the distance looking angry which he swears means he’s thinking.

Learn more about living and relocating to Roatan from his website LifeOnRoatan.com or by using the public Facebook group Life On Roatan

Information about his award-winning inspirational book can be found at ToHoldTheSun.com.


If somehow you missed his contact information it can be found here.
WhatsApp +504 9931 1987
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