Your bespoke buyers agent!

My only loyalty is to you.
Buyers agent

  • Focus

  • Strong Negotiator

  • 17+ years on Roatan

  • Integrity

  • Local knowledge

Why use a buyers agent


First and foremost my only loyalty is to you. That means I am focused on your needs and desires. I am not influenced by any other factors. Some listing agents have a natural tendency to show properties they are selling themselves regardless of what you are looking for in a home.


Strong Negotiator

With no other factors influencing me I will always be able to give you the best advice on how to negotiate the price you want to pay for a property. I know I have saved my clients' many thousands of dollars by understanding the situation of the sellers and the current market.

Roatan Real Estate Expertise

As a full member of the Roatan Realestate Association (RRA), I have full access to the Multiple Listing Service MLS and can make it available to you. I am not limited to the MLS and can find you properties not even yet listed on the market. Realtors who are not members of the RRA are restricted from accessing the full details of the MLS and they are not held to any code of conduct.


As well as being bound by a code of ethics enforced by the RRA. I hold myself to a higher standard by knowing that subconsciously or consciously no one can act in the best interest of both parties in a transaction. I am committed to giving my honest, if not always welcome, opinion. If a property has drawbacks or issues I will point them out to you so you can make a fair and educated decision on any purchase.

Local knowledge

I have been on the island for 17 years. From the first moment I moved here, I knew this was going to be my "forever" home. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the island with people and giving them insights into what it is like to live here.

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