Monthly sales report

Posts refer to sales on the MLS and do not include land or private contracts.

Figures are approximations but best efforts are made for them to be accurate.

As always take everything you see, hear, and read with a bucket of salt! 


Another month with a lot of properties going under contract and closing.

Price Changes

I do not normally write about price changes since they are so easy to look up using the MLS portal but it is worth noting that several properties have been withdrawn and relisted with higher prices. This is again indicative of a lack of inventory.


Pending sales jumped in April with 20 properties entering into contracts with a total list price of around 8.4 million with several million-plus properties being sold.


April was another bumper month for sales. Over 15 properties on Roatan closed with a total valuation of 4.4 million. The average sale price (290K) was a little lower this month but this was probably skewed by the popularity of the Jardines de Catalina project in West End. See my favorites. As always monthly figures have to be interpreted with an overall knowledge of the island. THere are not enough monthly sales to give but a general feeling of the market as one large sale or many small ones can influence the figures tremendously.

The median was around 300K.

The days on market before sales continue to contract as the lack of inventory and growing demand is pushing up prices and moving property faster.

April Pending.JPG
April Sales.JPG