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Useful Facebook Groups


"An educated person is one who has learned that information almost always turns out to be at best incomplete and very often false, misleading, fictitious, mendacious - just dead wrong." - Russell Baker


Even before you arrive here you can have many of your questions answered by joining one of the following groups. Please please do a search in the group about the question you are about to ask before you post. Many questions have been asked repeatedly and if you haven't bothered to do a search then expect a little abuse.


General thoughts before posting a question on Facebook

  • Have you checked elsewhere for the answer first?

  • Have you given enough details to answer the question you are asking?

  • Is your question specific? Questions like what is the best time of year to visit? Can someone recommend an area or place where I can stay? What is the best (place subject matter here)?  These questions are pretty meaningless unless people know what YOU are looking for in your visit. How many people are you traveling with? Do you have any special needs? Allergies? Do you like it quiet or busy and exciting? 

  • Without details, you will just end up with a group of people shouting out their own favorites which really does not help anyone.

  • Try not to get into fights with trolls before you arrive as it's a small place. Most groups are well moderated but ignore anyone who is not behaving.


The next bit is written tongue in cheek so don't take it too seriously. When you post you will get certain types of people answering so the best thing is to take discussions offline with anyone that says something that interests you via direct message or just go with the general consensus. We all have different experiences and values. One person can love a place and another can loathe it and both may have very good reasons for their feelings.


The seller.

Be it realty, tourist tours, or restaurants. If you give them the opening they will try to sell you on their business. Who can blame them but they have their own agenda.

The zealot.

They have used someone's business and they know that this person is the ONLY person on the island you should listen to/go with etc. Everyone else would be a mistake on your part so you need to know this too.

The smart ass.

They can't miss the opportunity for that joke (sorry I fall into this category sometimes) and will make a joke or a smart comment at any opening.

The hater.

I have had a bad experience at some time somewhere from something or someone and they are here to tell you it is a horrible place and you should listen to them.

The helper.

Obviously, this is the one you want. They will give you genuine advice and it may not be correct or most likely just their opinion but they will be trying to help.


It is difficult to tell them apart most of the time. I can tell you it is impossible to please everybody all the time so take all advice with a bucket of salt, take a deep breath and relax you're going to have fun.


Here is a list of groups you might find helpful. I have split them basically into advice and sales groups. They of course cross over a lot. Some of the groups are not moderated well but you will realize that quickly enough. Here you are and in almost order of popularity.


Help and events groups


Roatan Travel / Support Roatan Discussion Group

634 posts in the last month

Public Group 28.4K members



As it says in the name. No advertising and no bullying and well moderated.

352 posts in the last month

Private group  9.6K members


Roatan EXPAT Reviews

Lots of advertising for events

134 posts in the last month

Public Group 1.6K members


Buy Locally Made / Support Roatan Group

67posts  in the last month

Public Group 3.6K members


Vacation Rentals Roatan

Run by a rental agency but allows all posts.

41 posts in the last month

Public Group 2.6K members


The Honduran Bay Islands Cruisers Net

29 posts in the last month

Public Group 3.7K members

Ask Anything - Bay islands

Bringing communities together

15  posts the last month

Private Group 1.1K members


Expats in Roatan 

Literally ex-pats only

15 posts in the last month

Private Group 

2.0K members



132 posts in the last month

Private Group 11.4K members


Positively Roatan

Things we love about Roatan

109 posts in the last month

Public Group 6.6K members


Roatán Pet Friendly Rentals

It is difficult to find rentals that accept animals.

Private group 113 members

Life on Roatan

New Group.  oh look it's about my book

Public Group 

Discussion about these notes



You must live here or own property here to be a member.

18 in the last month

Private grGroup oup

15.7K members




Roatan Garage Sale

The largest site of them all

3,150 posts in the last month

Private Group 44.3K members


Roatan Schedule

Basically advertising events and businesses on Roatan

637 posts in the last month

Public Group 6.0K members

Roatan Garage Sale

Same name different group/ Buy and sell

330 posts in the last month

Private Group 22.0K members


Roatan Classifieds

Things for sale who would have guessed?

112 in the last month

Public Group 861 members


Compras Y Ventas De Roatan

Things that are for sale in Spanish.

1,157 posts in the last month

Public Group · 2.3K members


ventas y empleos Roatan

Looking for work and employees.

297 posts in the last month

Public Group 4.4K members


Roatan Buy and Sell

501 posts in the last month

Public Group 3.9K members


Roatan Real Estate & Relocation Group

Run by a Real Estate Brokerage

11 posts in the last month

Public Group 440 members


Roatan Marketplace

1,989 posts in the last month

Public Group 5.5K members

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