By Ferry from the mainland

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If you are coming from the mainland one of the easiest ways to come over is by Ferry. You are allowed to bring a lot of goods at no charge on it as well so if you go on a large shopping spree it is a great way to bring stuff back to the island. The ferry leaves from La Ceiba and lands mid-island near the Mahogony bay cruise ship port. 


The ferry is a modern hydrofoil and always leaves on time which is more than can be said for most of the flights in and out of Roatan. The morning ones tend to be an easier ride as the waves can get choppy later in the day and some people get sea sick. 


The fare is $36 each way and you can pay $5 extra to go in first class where you are in an enclosed room, given a bottle of water, and get to watch a portion of some movie.  Children under 5 go free and up to 10 years are charged $21. Seniors get a discount and pay about $27 





Flights into Roatan (list provided by Bay Island Tourism board)



I have been looking for flights to and from Roatan in the next few months so I beginning to feel like an expert in it. I have a list of all incoming flights below. This article pretty much has it right. Using google flight to identify the times you want to go, which are the cheaper times of the week, and by finding out nearby airports you can often find cheaper flights. Use Google to email to subscribe to lots of different options. Last week flights to Houston and back dropped 40% overnight. So it's worth spending the time to research it and sometimes waiting for the right moment.


Why Google Flights and Wikipedia (Yep!) Are a Traveler’s Best Friends



Roatan Airline Schedule (subject to change) Updated October 1st, 2022




























American Miami (MIA)

Oct 01 - Aug 19th, 2023          Daily


American Dallas (DFW)

Dec 17- Mar 04, 2023             Saturday, Wed

Mar 05 - Mar 25                     Sun, Wed, Sat

Mar 28 — Apr 01, 2023          Tue, Thurs, Sat

Apr 05 — Aug 19                   Wed , Sat  


Delta Atlanta (ATL) 

Oct 02 — Aug 19, 2023          Saturdays only 


Sun Country Minneapolis (MSP)

Dec 16 — Mar 24, 2023          Fridays only 


United Houston (IAH) 


Oct 01 - Oct 31                      Daily

Nov 05 - Dec 11                     Sun, Sat

Dec 15 - Feb 04                     Daily

Feb 05 - Mar 04, 2023            Daily except for Tuesday

Mar 05 -Apr 29                      Daily

Apr 30 - Jun 03                     Sun, Mon, Tues, Fri Sat

Aug 01 - Sep 03                    Daily 

Sept 04 -Oct 22                    Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Jun 04 - Aug 22                    Daily


United Denver (DEN) 

Jan 07 — Mar 25, 2023              Saturdays only

Jun 03 — Aug 19th                    Saturdays only 



Sunwing Toronto (YYZ)

Dec 12 - April, 2023               Mondays only

Sunwing Montreal (YUL)

Dec 12 - April, 2023                Mondays only          


Sunwing Quebec City (YQB)

Dec 12 - April. 2023                Mondays only


West Jet Toronto

Dec 18 - April 23,  2023           Sundays only 




Tropic Air Belize (BZE) 

Aug 01 — July 31, 2023           Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri (BZE-RTB)

Aug 01 — July 31, 2023           Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat (RTB-BZE) 


Guatemala (GUA)

Oct 01 — Aug 25, 2023            Daily (via San Pedro Sula)

CM/TAG San Salvador (SAL)

Oct 03 — Jul 31, 2023              Mon, Wed, Fri  (from )

Traveling by bus around Honduras and to other countries


You can, if you have the stamina, travel to neighboring countries by bus. There are executive buses that are over air-conditioned, have a toilet on board, and can take you all the way to Guatemala City if you are so inclined. I did this once and I believe it was 19 hours straight driving in a bus with only 2 or 3 stops. Arduous. Obviously, the only reason you would do this is to save money. A flight from San Pedro Sula to Guatemala is over $200 but by bus, it is about $60 to $80.


Hedman Alas is a good example of one.

WhatsApp: +5049441327

Ferry Schedule for Roatan to La Ceiba, Roatan to Utila and Roatan to Guanaja
galaxy wave ferry boat that goes from Roatan to la ceiba and roatan to utila
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Headman Alas bus luxury bus yused for going from mayor cities in Honduras to Other countries and other cities
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