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"Quit worrying about your health. It'll go away." —Robert Orben

The medical situation on Roatan


First a request for help

I need help filling this chapter out and making it a really helpful resource. My viewpoint is too clouded by my own life story and I would like anecdotes and recommendations from anyone with first-hand experience to help me make this part of my guide more useful. So at the end of the chapter as always, there is a link to find updates and also to supply information on the topic. Please, if you can, help out.


The public sector

The medical systems are clearly defined as public and private. The public-funded hospitals are so lacking in resources that sometimes running water can be a problem. If possible you should not end up in a public hospital. A first-world person will find the conditions shocking. Having said that, I have been operated on in the public hospital system and also visited the one in Roatan every day for 2 months for them to clean and care for wounds that needed constant attention.


I am intensely grateful to the staff at the public hospital for the amazing care I have seen them give to each and every person they handle with the most profound lack of equipment and medicines. After one procedure I was asked to search out and buy a bottle of local anesthetic as they had used the last one for me in my surgery. With my IV still in my wrist, I jumped in a taxi and I went from pharmacy to pharmacy in search of this precious vial. Finally, after 5 stops I found a pharmacy that had 5 bottles available, finding that they only cost 50 Lempira, so I bought them all. The nurses were so grateful I thought they were going to throw a party for me. A truly humbling experience. A crash course in the world of " have and have nots." The surgery, by the way, involved one surgeon stitching up a 7-inch wound across my stomach, with two nurses in attendance, and all sterile supplies used including the aforementioned vial cost me a total of 1,200 Lempira or $50.


The Honduran medical system can simultaneously make you despair at the lack of resources and wonder at the commitment and skill of their doctors. 


The private sector

Of course in the cash-based clinics and hospitals, you can get advanced surgical techniques, private rooms with en-suites for your family, stem cell therapy, pretty much anything you would expect to find in a first-world country, and sometimes more.


Though the island is not big enough to support specialists from every field in medicine many of them come once a month for consultations and if it turns out that you require procedures that they do not do on the island, La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa all have excellent hospitals.


As I mentioned I have an intimate history with medical care in Honduras. From the death of my wife after a long illness over a decade ago to a near-fatal scooter crash I had five years ago, I have far too much familiarity with it and thus far too many opinions.


On the day of the scooter accident, I didn't know how badly I was injured and was quite lucid. They tried to take me to the public hospital but I insisted they take me to Woods clinic. It is no exaggeration to say they saved my life that day. I had internal injuries and was bleeding internally as several organs needed repairing and some intestines removed. I had 13 broken bones but was generally in a good mood. If it wasn't for my meager Spanish skills letting me know the doctors were not giving me good odds at survival I probably wouldn't have realized how badly I was injured.


Something to note is even though I had cash in the bank and was comprehensively insured the surgeons would not operate until they had collected enough cash to pay for part of the procedure. This may sound ruthless and cold-hearted but there are a lot of ex-pats on the island that have in the past availed themselves of private hospital services and skipped on the bills.


The operations did go ahead because a predatory lending group who knew I had insurance convinced me while I was alone in an emergency and under the influence of morphine to sign a piece of paper giving them the ability to advance money to the hospital and bill my insurance.  It is my belief that Woods clinic and the poor surgeons were paid only a matter of thousands of dollars for those operations that day whereas my insurance was billed tens of thousands.


I have lots to say on this subject and I even tried to file a complaint. I will only make one more point about this subject. Having insured people on the island is a double-edged sword. We now have multiple ambulances and 24-hour clinics. However, a lot of these clinics bill more in line with the first world than with the normal costs of Honduras. The smell of money has brought more facilities but I am doubtful it benefits those that cannot afford it or do not have insurance.


Diseases and issues common on Roatan


We live on a tropical island. The air is hot and humid and the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. So first some basic tips 


You can find all the recommended vaccinations on the CDC page.

Remember these recommendations are for Honduras as a whole and I have not heard of a reported Rabies case on Roatan or the mainland for years even if the USA is using it as an excuse to limit the movements of pets between countries.

Malaria is a troubling one as in general, the prophylactic medicine's side effects are horrible and since it is a rare occurrence to get it, I would advise not to take the preventative medicine. The Malaria we have on the island is most commonly the curable type and once you take the medication you will be over the worst of it in two days. However, if you have the symptoms, basically flu-like, get tested as it is awful but can be cured quickly.

Dengue is a virus and there is nothing you can do if you catch it apart from drinking lots of fluids, taking pain killers, and hopefully having a friend look after you as you suffer.

I have been here 17 years and only had each once but that is more than enough.

Skin conditions are common. Every scratch or cut should be treated and cleaned immediately. Those that suffer from the initial bad reactions to sand flies and mosquitoes must resist the urge to scratch them and cause them to become infected.

If you notice patches of skin changing color, or patterns spreading, itching or burning. See a doctor as most likely it is an easily curable skin infection.  We have a dermatologist visit from the mainland often though most of the doctors here are familiar with such issues.

Basic ailments what to do!


For simple illnesses and sicknesses, I would strongly recommend the Clinica Esperanza in Sandy Bay that is sadly only open Monday to Friday but for a small fee of 500 Lempira, you can jump to the front of the line and get excellent medical treatment either from local Honduran doctors or USA doctors doing part of their final years here. You will also, if they have it, get your medication for free. The 500 Lps goes to help them provide free services for the community and if you look at their Facebook page they are always looking for help with supplies or couriers to bring down from the USA donated items.


Alternatives are AKR which has a clinic including a decompression chamber for divers. It is more expensive and you will have to pay for your drugs but just normal pharmacy prices.


In Coxen Hole across from Petrosun, there is Island medical. This is a great place to have medical tests done and there is usually a doctor on duty as well. I came back from the USA where a doctor had asked me to have 17 different blood tests done and it would have been several thousand dollars at least. It was about $300 at the clinic. Again costs are in line with normal Honduran practices and there is a pharmacy next door in case you need any kind of medication. 



In case of a serious emergency, late hours events are probably going to happen so fast that you will not be given a choice. You will either be taken to the public hospital unless someone advocates for you to be taken to one of the private hospitals like Woods or Cemesa.


Can I get insurance on Roatan?


If you are a resident you can get Honduran insurance and you can contact GRACIA MARIA MADRID CASTRO

Phone: 2216-4700 (If you are not aware all landline numbers are 8 digits starting with a 2)


She would be happy to help you out. Unfortunately, all communication will be in Spanish.


There are also representatives of other insurance companies on the island. Since these are not Honduran based residency in Honduras is not an issue though they may require residency in another country. I use IMG Global. I have used them for 17 years and I am overall very happy with them. My original premium for 2 adults in their 30s and three children was around $2,500 a year. However, over the years it has gone up and up such that I am now a single man in his 50s and I pay 6K just for me. Still, they have treated me very well and when abroad have covered almost all my costs once I had paid my deductible.


They include emergency evacuation to any part of the world and they have paid out several hundred thousand in medical bills for me. It does work in the USA, but I prefer to get my medical work done outside the USA where the care is just as good and the prices are not exorbitant.



Clinica Esperanza

Sandy Bay



Mon - Fri 8 am-4 pm

Clinica Esperanza is known for providing accessible and affordable health care to the community of Roatan. It provides free care to all. Located in Sandy Bay it has a special focus on women's health and pediatrics. The clinic is comprehensive and offers diabetes care, a dental clinic, a pharmacy, and a laboratory. Rapid care is available for an upfront payment of 500 Lempira.


Anthony’s Key Medical Center

Cornerstone Chamber and Medical Services

AKR website

Mon-Sat 8 am – 5 pm, Sun 8 am – 12 pm 

AKR is home to the Island's only Hyperbaric Chamber, which can often be seen treating local lobster divers. It is a way of aiding with injuries due to diving too deep or for too long. However, AKR is able to treat much more than dive-related problems. The on-site medical staff offers a variety of services to the general community. You will pay for the doctor's consultation and then a separate amount for any treatment or drugs needed for your condition.


Island Med Clinic 

+504 2445-1221 WhatsApp

Mon- Fri 7am - 5pm, Sat 7am -2pm , Sun 9am - 12pm

Island Med Clinic is a reliable laboratory and medical center located on the main street of Coxen Hole. They offer Urologists, EKGs, Orthopedics, Minor Surgeries, Internal Medicine, Ecography, Cervical Cytology, as well as Prenatal Care. You can also do walk-in blood testing as well. So if you or your doctor wants any kind of tests they can be found here. They are reasonably priced but all medications need to be obtained from a pharmacy. There is one next door. They are very responsive on WhatsApp; the staff only speak Spanish but the doctors speak English.


24-hour clinics

Also excellent care at the

Centro Médico Ramos

Col. Monte Placentero, Edificio Plaza Ana, 2do nivel

+504 3325-2911



24-hour clinic for emergencies

Major Surgery, Family Care, Pediatrics, Gynecology

The staff is made up of doctors in General Medicine and Specialists in Pediatrics, Gynecology, Obstetrics, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Traumatology, Urology and Internal Medicine.

The following clinics provide 24-hour service but you might be shocked when you get the bill. They are a part of a new wave that has good resources garnered by billing your insurance near First world prices for medical care. They run several of the ambulance services on the island including emergency evacuation. 


Roatan Clinic International Care Unit is open 24 hrs

West Bay Mall

Alert international website


+504 9472-9790

International Care Unit provides all your basic medical needs plus can help you with ground and air ambulance services should you need them.

Clinic - Laboratory - Urgent Care Services


Unimed Urgent Care - Roatan

Unimed  website

+504 9560-9945


Unimed Urgent Care is staffed by trained consultants available for emergencies but does not have an onsite laboratory.  But it does offer AirEvac International in the case of an emergency call +504 95609945 or +504 95594641. They also undertake medical house calls you can schedule by calling the above clinic number.


Hospitals on Roatan


Wood’s Medical Center 

Located in the center of Coxen Hole. Full-service private hospital

24-hour medical services


Coxen Hole, Calle Principal

Until recently Woods was the only alternative to the public hospital. It is a clinic and a full-service hospital. 


Hospital Cemesa


+504 9446-0097

Cemesa is a recently built full-service hospital and has some of the most advanced medical facilities on the island. Several specialists from the mainland also use the offices to do consultations. Like dermatologists and ophthalmic surgeons. The prices in cemesa are also closer to first-world prices.

Roatan Public Hospital  

Roatan Hospital, located in Coxen Hole, is part of the Honduras Public Health Care System. As such, this hospital comes with many limitations. While many community initiatives try to supplement these shortcomings, the hospital is still subject to flooding, lack of running water, and lack of supplies. However, most of the surgeons and doctors from the hospitals also put in time at the public hospital so you may have the same doctor regardless of the hospital you are at and they do an amazing job with the few resources they have.

GARM Clinic



+504 2408 3544 (landline)

Mon-Fri 8am - 4 pm

GARM, the Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, is an innovative medical facility specializing in alternative medicine. Located in Parrot Tree Plantation, GARM offers stem cell treatments, bio-cellular medicine, advanced ultrasound diagnosis, diagnostic tests, immunomodulating bio-enzyme systems, and much more.

The GARM clinic is very interesting as a lot of the medical services are alternative and not all proven. I have had very mixed reviews from people who have used their services but that is true for any clinic that offers alternative medical services.




We are lucky to have several really good dentists on the island with the latest equipment and services. Dental work is cheaper in Honduras than in other countries.  I have known a few North Americans to come down here solely for dentistry. The cost for a vacation here and the work done was still cheaper than the work would cost in their own countries. Though sitting on the beach recovering does not sound like the most ideal holiday it is better than paying more and suffering at home.



I plan to make a comparative chart of the cost of treatments compared with the USA and Canada. I hope to have this ready for the next edition or of course, you can check my website to see if it is there already! 

Dental Care Center Roatan

Mega Plaza Rd, French Harbour, Honduras

Dr. Carlos Midence 

+504 9952-3139


Monday - Friday 

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday until 12:00 PM

Dental Care Center provides a wide range of oral health care services to patients, such as Botox Treatment for Gummy Smile, Dental Bridges, and Crowns with high-quality care.

Diamond Dental Center 

Duprin Building 1km Before Fantasy Island, French Key

Dr. Rodriguez as a permanent dentist

+504 9832-9244


General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants, Oral Surgery Pediatrics, and Endodontics.

Monthly visits of a Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Roatan Dental Center 

Coxen Hole Behind Woods Medica  (my dentist)

Dr. Hayman R. Grant

+504 9503-5347


Monday - Friday 

8:30am - 5:00pm 

Dental Suite Clinic 

Coral Stone, Sandy Bay, Roatán, Honduras

Dr. Vanessa Galindo 

+504 9885-6686


Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Specialties at Dental Suite Clinic

Botox sessions Dra.Diana

+504 9885-6686


Toothache or abscess, root canal

DDS. Tania Hernández, an endodontics specialist

Whatsapp +504 9885-6686

If there are dentists I have missed please send me the information. I would only be pleased to add them.

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