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    You need a buyers' only agent! I will represent you and only you. You can be sure that I am trying to find your dream home at the best possible price. Click here to understand why! Life On Roatan Available on: Amazon , Apple , Barnes & Noble , Smashwords , Kobo , Scribd , Odilo Contents Foreward - A history of the Bay Islands by Matt Harper How best to use this book These are also available here: How to search on the Internet for your dream home How to purchase homes and land in Honduras Building your own home Should I be a resident? Banking on Roatan Crime and security Education on Roatan Useful Facebook groups Pets - travel, and care Weather and yearly events Help out and volunteer Transportation to Roatan Getting around Roatan Cell phones TIGO & CLARO Starting a business on Roatan Mail - I want my Amazon! Power Generation on the island TV and Internet Renting your property Medical and Dental About the Author Click here to open your real estate portal The buttons only work if you allow popup windows! Fast Find to 60K 60 to 120K 120 to 200K 200 to 400K 400K plus House Condo Lot to 250K 250-400K 400-700K 700K plus to 200K 200-350K 350K plus Waterfront Everything for sale! Changes Last month Chas's favorites New Listings 14 days United States Citizen? Loans up to 500K available! Credit scores 700+. Click here for details To get the best results create your own portal login. You can then search by location, price, house, land, bedrooms, waterfront, and many other criteria. You can save your searches, and properties that interest you and have the latest listings emailed to you. ​ Need help? Have questions? Contact me via the chatbox below or any of my details at the bottom of the page. ​

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    copy summary & link Useful Facebook Groups "An educated person is one who has learned that information almost always turns out to be at best incomplete and very often false, misleading, fictitious, mendacious - just dead wrong." - Russell Baker Even before you arrive here you can have many of your questions answered by joining one of the following groups. Please please do a search in the group about the question you are about to ask before you post. Many questions have been asked repeatedly and if you haven't bothered to do a search then expect a little abuse. General thoughts before posting a question on Facebook Have you checked elsewhere for the answer first? Have you given enough details to answer the question you are asking? Is your question specific? Questions like what is the best time of year to visit? Can someone recommend an area or place where I can stay? What is the best (place subject matter here)? These questions are pretty meaningless unless people know what YOU are looking for in your visit. How many people are you traveling with? Do you have any special needs? Allergies? Do you like it quiet or busy and exciting? Without details, you will just end up with a group of people shouting out their own favorites which really does not help anyone. Try not to get into fights with trolls before you arrive as it's a small place. Most groups are well moderated but ignore anyone who is not behaving. The next bit is written tongue in cheek so don't take it too seriously. When you post you will get certain types of people answering so the best thing is to take discussions offline with anyone that says something that interests you via direct message or just go with the general consensus. We all have different experiences and values. One person can love a place and another can loathe it and both may have very good reasons for their feelings. The seller. Be it realty, tourist tours, or restaurants. If you give them the opening they will try to sell you on their business. Who can blame them but they have their own agenda. The zealot. They have used someone's business and they know that this person is the ONLY person on the island you should listen to/go with etc. Everyone else would be a mistake on your part so you need to know this too. The smart ass. They can't miss the opportunity for that joke (sorry I fall into this category sometimes) and will make a joke or a smart comment at any opening. The hater. I have had a bad experience at some time somewhere from something or someone and they are here to tell you it is a horrible place and you should listen to them. The helper. Obviously, this is the one you want. They will give you genuine advice and it may not be correct or most likely just their opinion but they will be trying to help. It is difficult to tell them apart most of the time. I can tell you it is impossible to please everybody all the time so take all advice with a bucket of salt, take a deep breath and relax you're going to have fun. Here is a list of groups you might find helpful. I have split them basically into advice and sales groups. They of course cross over a lot. Some of the groups are not moderated well but you will realize that quickly enough. Here you are and in almost order of popularity. ​ Help and events groups Roatan Travel / Support Roatan Discussion Group 634 posts in the last month Public Group 28.4K members ASK ANYTHING- Roatán As it says in the name. No advertising and no bullying and well moderated. 352 posts in the last month Private group 9.6K members Roatan EXPAT Reviews Lots of advertising for events 134 posts in the last month Public Group 1.6K members Buy Locally Made / Support Roatan Group 67posts in the last month Public Group 3.6K members Vacation Rentals Roatan Run by a rental agency but allows all posts. 41 posts in the last month Public Group 2.6K members The Honduran Bay Islands Cruisers Net 29 posts in the last month Public Group 3.7K members ​ Ask Anything - Bay islands Bringing communities together 15 posts the last month Private Group 1.1K members Expats in Roatan Literally ex-pats only 15 posts in the last month Private Group 2.0K members ROATAN SHORT OR LONG TERM RENTALS 132 posts in the last month Private Group 11.4K members Positively Roatan Things we love about Roatan 109 posts in the last month Public Group 6.6K members Roatán Pet Friendly Rentals It is difficult to find rentals that accept animals. Private group 113 members ​ Life on Roatan New Group. oh look it's about my book Public Group Discussion about these notes ROATAN CRIME WATCH You must live here or own property here to be a member. 18 in the last month Private grGroup oup 15.7K members Sales Roatan Garage Sale The largest site of them all 3,150 posts in the last month Private Group 44.3K members Roatan Schedule Basically advertising events and businesses on Roatan 637 posts in the last month Public Group 6.0K members ​ Roatan Garage Sale Same name different group/ Buy and sell 330 posts in the last month Private Group 22.0K members Roatan Classifieds Things for sale who would have guessed? 112 in the last month Public Group 861 members Compras Y Ventas De Roatan Things that are for sale in Spanish. 1,157 posts in the last month Public Group · 2.3K members ventas y empleos Roatan Looking for work and employees. 297 posts in the last month Public Group 4.4K members Roatan Buy and Sell 501 posts in the last month Public Group 3.9K members Roatan Real Estate & Relocation Group Run by a Real Estate Brokerage 11 posts in the last month Public Group 440 members Roatan Marketplace 1,989 posts in the last month Public Group 5.5K members ​ Clicking this button will copy a summary of the page and the URL to the clipboard so you can then paste it into Facebook to share it.

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    Contents of Website Life On Roatan and all Links for copying How to search for Roatan property on the internet Googling for properties on Roatan can lead you to a lot of websites that list property that has already sold or are not really available for sale. This article shows you how to search properties that are available at that moment and includes video demonstrations on how best to search. copy text & link copy just link Google map with Flex MLS areas displayed The areas used by realtors on the island can be a little confusing. This map lists each area and shows a general location on the island where the areas are located. copy text & link copy just link How to purchase homes and land in Honduras The process of buying land or homes is pretty straightforward. This article takes you through the process from making an offer with your agent to the final close and title swap. copy text & link copy just link Building your own home Lots of people want to build their dream home on Roatan since so much is undeveloped and lots with beautiful views are available all over the island. This article takes you through the building process and the approximate costs. copy text & link copy just link Should I be a resident? Many people think they need residency to live here. Not only is residency not required to buy property sometimes it is a waste of money to acquire it. If you leave often or rarely both can be a reason not to have it. copy text & link copy just link Banking on Roatan Though legally you should be a resident to get a bank account. Some banks will allow nonresidents to open accounts. This article takes you through the process of applying for your necessary Dollar and Lempira accounts. copy text & link copy just link Crime and security Everywhere in the world has crime. Roatan is not the mainland though and we are often tainted by the amount of crime that happens there. Roatan being an English-speaking island has its issues but overall is very safe. This article explains the policing system and security on the island. copy text & link copy just link Education on Roatan Moving to the island with children causes its own set of issues. This article explains the Honduran educational system some of the more popular schools with ex-pats and some thoughts to make sure your children's education is valid in your home country. copy text & link copy just link Useful Facebook groups The internet and Facebook groups can be extremely helpful in getting you oriented before you arrive on Roatan There are some great groups and resources available there are also some pitfalls to watch out for and this article details some of them. copy text & link copy just link Pets - travel, and care Moving to the island with pets or trying to move back with pets can create a set of problems that care has to be taken to avoid. This article discusses some of the medical issues you need to be aware of on the island and helpful advice on forward planning in case you want to travel with your pets again. copy text & link copy just link Weather and yearly events The weather on Roatan is wonderful. Hot summers and warm rainy season months. This article details the monthly rainfall and temperatures and also lists the major events that happen throughout the year in Roatan. copy text & link copy just link Help out and volunteer There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer on Roatan. Help is needed in everything from education, health care, and environmental projects. This article lists some of the groups and their needs. copy text & link copy just link Getting around Roatan Travel on the island is a matter of Hiring a car or using the taxi/bus services. This article details the taxi services and the published list of prices as set out by the municipality for "collectivo" taxis. copy text & link copy just link Cell phones TIGO & CLARO While you are here the local cell providers are so cheap you might as well pick yourself up a SIMM and purchase internet locally. This article describes both services and the pros and cons of both. The whole business world runs on WhatsApp so you will need mobile internet if you live here. copy text & link copy just link Starting a business on Roatan If you want to run a business on Roatan this article helps you understand the differences between running a business here and elsewhere in the world. It also takes you through the process of setting one up and the issues you should be aware of if you plan on buying or starting a business. copy text & link copy just link Mail - I want my Amazon! Receiving packages is an often asked question from people new to the island. How do we get items shipped to us, the discovery that there is no address system on the island can be confusing but this article walks you through the process of finding a way to get your amazon packages here. copy text & link copy just link Power Generation on the island The cost of power on the island is always a shock to those that are not familiar with power costs on other islands. When all the fuel has to be shipped and stored here it adds to the cost. Our power plant is one of the most advanced in the world read the details here. copy text & link copy just link TV and Internet The Internet is always a big topic for digital nomads, people who wish to run their foreign companies from here, or just people used to streaming in HD. Roatan internet is sufficient for your needs and the quality keeps increasing while the cost goes down. Internet and the available TV are discussed in this article. copy text & link copy just link Renting your property If you have bought property here and are only here part of the year this article walks you through the how-tos of putting your house on the rental market. copy text & link copy just link Medical and Dental Medical facilities on the island are discussed in this article. In general, you can get pretty much anything dealt with here or on the mainland and far cheaper than you could have in the USA if that's where you are from. Canadians often come here for dentistry treatments. copy text & link copy just link

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    FlexMLS Search that shows all property on Roatan

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    404 Two illustrated screens with sad faces Page Not Found You can return to the homepage and try again. Go to Homepage

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    Weather and yearly events ​ Roatan's Tempreture Roatan has wonderful weather as far as I am concerned. A few days a year a cold front hits, dropping the temperature by 10F/5C and it gets cold enough to wear long sleeves and trousers. That's just us locals as you will still see tourists happily swimming and sunbathing while we are shivering. The fact is that the temperature is fairly consistent with a low of around 77F/25C. High around 88F/31C. What might make it cooler is clouds/rain and wind. If you are used to summer days of endless light and winter days of constant darkness then you will be shocked at the lack of change here. The shortest night is 8hs 12 mins and the longest is 10hrs 16 mins which means that sunrise and sunset only move about an hour a year. The earliest sunrise of the year is 5:12 am and the latest is at 6:17 am. Similarly, sunset varies from 5:11 pm to 6:22 pm. The tides usually only vary daily by a fraction of a foot and over the year by only a few feet. Essentially that means that the beaches seem to look the same almost every day except when there is a storm and the low pressure pulls up the level of the sea. ​ Rainfall Charts Clicking this button will copy a summary of the page and the URL to the clipboard so you can then paste it into Facebook to share it. copy summary & link Slightly more recent one Rainfall details ​ Above is a rainfall chart recently published by Mike the Weather Guy . He is my go-to on all things about Roatan weather. He has a Facebook page and a daily blog . You can see that the most rain falls in our rainy season which is October to January which accounts for two-thirds of the year's rain. Of course, those are only averages and you can see from his charts there are always exceptional months. It is not by accident that we consider October to December excluding the Christmas/New Year period our slow season. However, the weather can be wonderful during those months with glorious sunshine but without being too hot. No one can be sure what the weather will be like when people arrive, however it is one of the most common questions people ask on Facebook groups. Hopefully, these figures give you a general idea. The Pacific Hurricane Season begins on the 15th of May and ends around the 15th of November. However, no one seems to have told the hurricanes that, so they can come earlier or later. It is extremely rare for a storm to form further south than Honduras and if Honduras is hit it is, unfortunately, the mainland that is mostly affected. Large amounts of rainfall can cause terrible flooding. There hasn't been a bad hurricane in the Bay Islands for over 20 years and it seems with the seas warming that the hurricanes are being pushed further and further north towards the USA. ​ I just discovered an excellent new video channel for the weather in our area. Great in hurricane season. ​ This is the weather station where I live. ​ Hurricanes how scared should we be on Roatan? ​ I often get asked about hurricanes as they seem to be an aspect of fear if you plan to relocate here. On Roatan, though I do not think we have much to fear. That is not to say that the islands de Bahia and the Honduras mainland have not suffered terribly at the hands of Hurricanes as you can read from this international report from UNHCR the UN refugee agency . Mainland Honduras in the last few years has had hurricanes pile on top of hurricanes causing a large death toll. The deaths are mainly caused by the massive flash flooding and mudslides caused by such dramatic downpours in such short periods. ​ Likely route of hurricanes that form and might effect us Roatan though is sheltered from Hurricanes that come from the west as they tent tend to lose a lot of their power pushing through the mainland. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Climate change and the warming of the Caribbean ​ Climate change is warming the oceans and every year regardless of if it is an "El Nino" or "La Niña" year the average temperature is gradually increasing. This is terrible news for other islands and the south and east coast of the USA but good news for us. The warmer water means the Hurricanes form faster and stronger, It also causes them to curve North ​ This map below plots every hurricane path that has passed by since 1851 including hurricane Mitch which did so much damage to Guanaja. Superficially it looks scary but there is a simple fact that all those lines obscure. Warmer waters mean stronger hurricanes that tend to curve northwards. Click on the image for more historical details ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ In summary hurricanes in Roatan are not a major concern. (Famous last words) ​ It would take a hurricane passing the tip of Honduras to go due west to come close to us on a very unlikely path. So though climate change is going to mean many worse and more significant disasters humanitarian disasters for the Honduras mainland, the islands to the north of us, and as I said the USA. it looks like it will benefit from the change. ​ ​

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    copy summary & link TV and Internet availability "Last night the internet stopped working so I spent some time with my family. They seem like nice people." Internet quality and availability ​ The internet quality here is good enough for almost any need. You are more likely to have a dropout due to power than the internet. It's always good to have a cellphone with an internet hotspot and a laptop for when the power goes out and you are not close to a generator. The internet on the island until recently was provided solely by microwave radios that linked us to the mainland. These radios were high capacity and quite effective. Sometimes during storms, the internet could become unstable. Just like elsewhere in the world unless you pay a premium for dedicated bandwidth than to some extent you are sharing your bandwidth with other people. Recently, I believe, an underwater cable has been run to La Ceiba to link us to the mainland. This will vastly improve the bandwidth and latency to the island. I am not sure why they did not route the fiber directly to Puerto Cortes as the distance is similar as I believe is the sea depth. Puerto Cortes is where the main internet ring arrives in Central America . By linking there we would have avoided the necessity of connecting via fiber overland from Ceiba to Puerto Cortes. Unfortunately, this connection means that we are at the mercy of any storm or crazy driver that knocks over a pole between the two locations. There must have been some kind of financial reason that I am unaware of as a direct connection to Puerto Cortes would have made out network separate from the Honduras mainland. The major provider on the island is Max Communications Max website . They have run fiber up and down the island and with this, they can deliver high-speed internet and a sickeningly long list of TV channels including high-definition ones. Over 300 I think bilingual stations. Here is the list on Facebook. The is a list of channels for basic and two for digital channels. One and two . ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ They have 3 locations Coxen Hole: Unit 4, Bonilla building, first floor, next to Cooperativa Santos Guardiola, Main Street Tel: 2454-7070 Ext. 3735 French Harbor: Unit L-36, Megaplaza Mall Tel: 2454-7070 Ext. 3714 Oak Ridge: Oak Ridge Cay, Santos Guardiola Tel: 2454-7070 Ext. 3725 ​ They provide a lot of other services such as video surveillance across the internet for your home or business so you should check out their pages. ​ It is always hard to get hold of their current pricing but they sent me this via Facebook. Obviously, check up with them for the latest packages. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Maxcom Radio connections There are many parts of the island that fiber will not reach for a long time, if ever. Line of sight radios can provide internet to some locations. That is what I use and they work well. I can stream movies and have internet video calls with no issues. Though I do not get the TV channels. Not a big loss to me. For those off the grid - Starlink ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Soon Starlink will be available around the world as soon as Musk finishes his massive satellite network in low earth orbit. This service is already available in the USA, Mexico, and Ukraine and it is just a matter of time before they switch it on here. Then you will be able to have low latency high capacity internet anywhere in the world. If you live far from the nearest internet connection point the cost appears to be quite reasonable. After all, you do not need to build the infrastructure to your house with Starlink and you can relocate it easily. "High-speed, low-latency broadband internet in remote and rural locations across the globe. $110/mo with a one-time hardware cost of $599." This will probably change the world over time as it will remove the need for expensive land infrastructure and will change the business model of supplying the internet in general. VPNs If you want to stream your favorite TV services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Disney, etc. you will need to have a VPN that will allow you to fool those services into believing that you are in the USA, UK, or Europe. Wherever you like to get your local services. I use ExpressVPN which works well but as in all things check around and see what others are using and how much it costs them. You can try it for 30 days using this link (ExpressVPN) and you can use it across multiple computers and TVs ​ ​ Clicking this button will copy a summary of the page and the URL to the clipboard so you can then paste it into Facebook to share it.

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    copy summary & link Cell phones on Roatan Cell phones TIGO & CLARO This is not written for tourists but they might find the information helpful. Choosing a cell provider used to be a very difficult business on the island. Buy the wrong type of cell phone or one that did not allow a SIM card to be exchanged and you were down to buying a new phone and a new service. That is not the case now. ​ With the introduction of 4G and LTE communications standards, pretty much any phone will work anywhere and I have not seen a decent phone in years that does not take SIMs. Local SIM cards cost about $5-10 and can be bought from several places. In West Bay, Captain Van's will set up your phone for you if you buy the SIM from them. ​ There are two cell services on Roatan, TIGO and CLARO . Which one you buy depends completely on a few factors. I have always had TIGO and don't plan to change but there are places where TIGO does not work on the island so let me lay out the differences and you can choose for yourself. There are four major factors to consider when choosing a service. ​ In Honduras WhatsApp is king ​ First, hardly anyone uses text messages or direct calling anymore. The structure of the pricing is such that everyone uses WhatsApp and the internet to call other people and message. There are a few other applications like Telegram that became popular once Facebook bought WhatsApp. However, if you don't use WhatsApp then you are basically out of the system in Honduras. Not only can you chat with your bank, pharmacy, local stores, or friends with WhatsApp. They will expect you to and may have no other option for contacting them. WhatsApp is a useful way of conducting business because you can send questions to companies and banks etc. out of hours and often get replies when their staff comes back online. It is my preferred method of contact as well and with business accounts, you can have prewritten messages to help out people contacting you. WhatsApp has over 2 billion users and is the only form of communication in some countries. When there was a 6-hour outage on October 4th, 2021. It felt like the world ground to a halt as third-world countries, especially with the only communication method being cell towers and cell phones, no longer could do business or even talk to their families. ​ Where are you going to be living and working? ​ Second, is the physical location of cell towers. Though coverage for both is pretty even across Roatan there are still some areas that only have coverage from one network. The East end of the island is CLARO only and if you go as far as Helene your TIGO phone is basically a brick. So you must find out if the place you live has good cell phone coverage for the network you want to use or you will find yourself standing in one corner of the house every time you make a call or worse having to walk to the end of a dock whilst pointing your phone at the sky in the vain attempt to pick up a little internet. ​ Roaming outside of Honduras ​ Third, do you need coverage outside Honduras? I was happy to find on a recent trip to Guatemala that my internet worked perfectly fine there even happier to find out that they are rolling out internet service in the USA . Though only on the phones that exceed $30 a month to my knowledge at this time. Voice and text roaming can be had in multiple countries with the fees varying depending on the country. Canadá, Estados Unidos, México, Belice, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panamá, Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay. ​ Get a plan or pay as you go ​ Fourth how do you want to pay? Prepago or Postpaid/Plans. Prepago literally means what it says (in Spanish - prepaid) you prepay to use the phones. You buy Paquetes (packets) or Saldo (balance) in advance often referred to as recargar or recharge. Saldo is your credit for use in making actual calls and text messages and so is hardly ever used but with the Saldo or money, you buy packets which give you internet. The internet packets last for a certain amount of time with an allowed amount of data you can transfer in that time. Whichever ends first. For instance, I use Prepago and usually buy in weekly increments of 9GB because I am often on WiFi and only use the internet when out of the house. I seldom use more than 10% of my weekly allowance before my time runs out. So I buy it week to week. If you use your phone differently, say as a hotspot in your house because you cannot get internet there then this may not be true for you. So my monthly (28 days) phone bill is hardly ever more than 408 Lempira or about $17. Here is a sample of the packets you buy but as I said don't worry about how complex they seem. It is all marketing and just if you opted not to get a plan then just buy a week or two at a time TIGO Packets ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ The packets can get very confusing and they deliberately make them confusing in my it is hard to compare the networks. However, honestly, it is very simple and you don't need to make it complex. The optimum to buy is about one week's internet. You can work it out yourself but essentially you can line packets up so as soon as one ends then the next starts automatically and you will be notified as soon as that happens. I often have a few packets lined up just in case I suddenly get an uncontrollable urge to watch Frozen in 4K on my phone which would suck my data dry quickly. In reality, the multiple packets let you know if you are overusing your data such as with a hotspot. You will find your optimum time/data ratio and mine is about the one-week time period. Phone applications for the services ​ The one area that TIGO beats out CLARO is the applications you can download on your phone to see how much data you have used, see how much Saldo you have left as well as buy packets using your credit card. Once you have your SIM installed you never have to search for a TIGO store again. The East End of the island ​ CLARO does not have all these options but where it beats out TIGO is coverage and in certain areas speed. I have friends who live on the east end with a boat in Calabash Bight. You cannot get any TIGO reception so it does not matter how pretty their interface is if you lived there you need Claro. Also certain areas like Camp Bay you will find both phones have very spotty coverage so if you are going to live somewhere I highly advise you to ask around which has better reception in your area. Even where I live in West Bay there are certain TIGO dead spots but this has not been enough to make me move to CLARO. Why? You may ask. Well, I have had the same number for 17 years and I don't want to change it. Keeping your number in your name even if your SIM is stolen ​ When you buy a SIM you should register it with the service in question. I do not mean set it up I mean letting the cell service note your ID and link your phone with that cell number. This used to involve going to the local TIGO or CLARO shop showing them your ID and registering the number to your name. In the case of a lost or stolen phone, you could get your number back in a matter of hours. Calling *811 will get you in touch with the TIGO helpline if you keep saying. " No hablo español ¿En inglés por favor?" you will often end up with a representative that speaks passable English to get your problem solved. Postpaid vs Prepago ​ So what are the advantages of Postpaid vs Prepago? Why have I never changed mine to a postpaid plan for instance? Often, if a cell is provided by a company they buy in bulk and it is much easier to track expenses that way. Plans can also help you get the latest smartphone as they often bundle the cost of the phone into the plan so you pay for it over time. That is a big draw for many people. On CLARO an iPhone 12 will cost you about $160 upfront and then for the 35GB/month internet plan, you will get an 18-month contract with a $50 monthly payment. You get a set amount of data a month and once you use that, the data rate is much more expensive. You can't go and buy packets to top it up for a special occasion, say the release of Frozen II. You just end up paying a lot more money for that extra data. With prepago, I always know what I am spending and what I have available to me at any time. Postpaid is a bit more open-ended. Also once you transfer your number from the Prepago system to a Plan then you can never transfer back to prepago and keep the number. As I have mentioned I am kind of attached to mine. One Major advantage the TIGO Plan has over all other options is if you have the Nación Tigo service which is usually part of a plan you can use your internet packets in all the following countries: Canada, USA, México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Bolivia and Paraguay. Which is excellent. So you won't be able to make calls there unless you use an internet phone line or of course WhatsApp. Now I believe CLARO has somewhat similar plans for roaming abroad and I would love to talk to someone with experience using it. You could go to the CLARO site and try and find out but you tend to end up with a lot of 404 errors when trying to find information. Yet another example of how TIGO seems to be ahead on the internet application and information side. Please contact me if you know anything about their system. Using a foreign cell phone in Honduras. Warning! I f you’re not sure about your phone’s international roaming and data plans, keep your iPhone in airplane mode or completely shut off cellular data. This restricts all cellular data to Wi-Fi instead, keeping you from using data unintentionally for things like emails, browsing apps, and app notifications. With cellular data shut off you can still receive text messages and phone calls, which means if your plan charges you for these, you should just turn your phone to Airplane Mode. Most phone systems can use the internet in different countries but the real question is at what cost? You may be lucky and have a business contract that allows for free (to you) international roaming and so you will have no issues. However, you must check with your provider before trying to use the internet here. I hear horror stories of people who did not set up their phones for international roaming, used them either on purpose or accidentally, and ended up with massive bills. I heard of one person with a bill of over 800 USD for 2 weeks of vacation. Also when using your home network SIMs on a cell service here they will probably not work at the full speed of the network. Just a little way I think the providers contain their costs. Most providers will charge you a daily fee to use the internet here. $10 is a common number I hear stated. I am not sure if there is a data cap with that or not. Again another reason you must speak to your provider. I know these networks work and would love to know about others if they do and how much they cost. T-Mobile AT&T Verizon Google fi Telus In my mind, all these methods unless the price is no object or you must have that phone line working are very expensive. When you can pay $5 for a local SIM and $8 for a week of solid internet. WiFi is available in most places. It is better to have a second smartphone, one that can take dual sims or just swap the sims over for a week. Some extra thoughts on long-term usage of CLARO and TIGO Keeping your Honduran number activated ​ If you use a Postpaid account this is not a problem. If you use Prepago your Saldo will just disappear after a predetermined time. CLARO I think lasts about 3-4 weeks and Tigo a couple of months. If you do not deposit extra Saldo or buy an internet packet after 2 - 3 months your SIM will be canceled and you will lose your number. So if you plan to leave Honduras for more time than that, ask a friend to send you 10 lempira of Saldo every month or two. It will keep your card and your number active. You can even do it yourself using the Tigo App when on WiFi in another country. It is nice to keep the same phone number unless for some reason you like to change your friends every visit. The curse of Double Authentication for banks etc outside Honduras ​ If you live here long-term but still have credit cards and bank accounts open in other countries you can run into the problem of not having a local number. For example, your bank in the USA and Wells Fargo see some strange activity on your account and they freeze your account. If you go online they may want to send a code to your USA number to make sure it is you and they may not like the fact you don't have one. ​ Some people for this reason keep a USA/Canada line open for just such occurrences or for when they travel back to their own country. This can be expensive. It is possible to use some internet-based systems like 2ndLine. This gives you an international number but routes it via the internet so it rings like a normal number but is internet based. The trouble is banks are now wise to this and you may find your 2ndline can receive a text with a code from one source but not from another. The second source has identified it as an internet-based number. ​ 2ndLine has worked pretty well for me but not 100% and sometimes it takes a long time to ring at my end from when someone calls. So I am not amazingly happy with it. Google phone I often see suggested by people in groups but it has the same problems it does not work for many institutions. TIGO and CLARO provide other services like TV, residential internet, and even money transfer services. Sometimes there may be a reason to buy a package of stuff together but that is way too complex for a simple analysis. Clicking this button will copy a summary of the page and the URL to the clipboard so you can then paste it into Facebook to share it.

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    copy summary & link Building on Roatan Roatan at the moment is awash with construction. The after-effects of COVID and the swarm of buyers that followed it has left Roatan with a small inventory of completed houses for sale. This has triggered a wave of construction. That is generally a good thing, although some builders are misguided with beautiful houses being built in a terrible location or an ugly building being built in a great location. We have a great need for houses in the 250K to 400K range as well as some lower-cost communities. With so much of the island being underdeveloped and it being an all-cash market, the buyer can always find the ideal location and build the ideal house for themselves. That is something every seller has to deal with as often they are not competing against other houses, they are competing against a dream house. When someone sells a house here one of the hardest things to do is value it. In places like the USA, most houses have nearby comparisons. Sometimes on developments, you know that an identical house sold a few months back just four doors down so pricing is simple. Here pricing is a skill that most realtors but very few owners have. It is natural for owners to feel that they want more money for a house than they bought it for, especially as over the years they have put money into it and maybe even expanded it. Unfortunately, however, a house is worth only what someone else is willing to pay for it. A good listing agent will work out what your property is worth by a complex set of variables. Are there any comparables that have sold (not listed - sold) nearby? What is the square footage of the construction? What is the condition of the house? How good are the design and the architecture? It is amazing how a house won't sell because the design is such that you can't open the bathroom door fully, or the windows don't face the view, light bulbs are out, or parts aren't finished. There are myriad reasons that put buyers off, however, a good agent will explain these facts and help prepare the house for listing. Many times an owner has a price already in their mind and will insist that is the price. A good agent will argue for whatever they know the price the house will sell for in a reasonable time frame and walk away if the owner will not come close to that price. Some agents will list at whatever price as they can use the house for advertising. The house of course will sit on the market and the price will slowly be reduced until it sells. So what is the process if you want to build your dream house? Locating a lot. The choice of a lot is of the utmost importance as a good lot always has value but a good house in a bad location will lose value. Sometimes my clients tell me they have a budget for a lot and house and I can see them working backward from the house they want, how much it will cost, and then working out how much they can afford to spend on the lot. This is a mistake. The most important part of your house regardless of if it is your forever home or an investment, is the location. Of course, having a budget for your lot is important, but it is crucial to never buy a lot that is not going to make you happy just because it is in your budget. People move here to have beachfront living or have beautiful views of the ocean as they watch the sunset/sunrise from their deck. If you buy a lot that has neither then you have just shot yourself in the foot as far as resale goes. Choosing an architect. Obviously, the best way to choose an architect is to find houses you love and use the one that designed those. If you have some vision in mind they can adapt to it as that is their business. If you want to use a design you saw elsewhere that is your prerogative but you will still need a Honduran architect to sign off on it. Some architects here are also builders or have relationships with builders so they can help with that side. Once you have your plans you will need to find a builder. Prices and quality vary a lot between builders so shop around. At the moment your biggest problem may be finding a builder with the capacity to build your house right now as everyone is so busy. I cannot emphasize this enough: get and check references. Even post on a Facebook group if you are unsure. Though see my notes on posting in groups elsewhere. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ The building process ​ First, you need to prove you own the lot and have paid all of the property taxes. So you will have to visit the Municipal with your title and make sure you are up to date with everything. You will need to have an architect draw up the plans and they need to be signed off by a licensed structural engineer. It does not matter if the architect and engineer are in Roatan or the mainland as long as they are licensed in Honduras. If the plans are not from Honduras they will need to be signed off by a Hondurean architect before being given to the engineer. If you live in a place like Lawson Rock, Lighthouse, Keyhole Bay, etc. you will be confined by additional building codes as many communities have restrictions on what you can build and how it is built. Some are very restrictive. Before you buy a lot in one of those locations you should be clear on these restrictions. The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are there to keep the community up to a certain standard. However, these requirements may add an additional cost to your building. E.g. If you are required to use terra cotta tiles for the roof they are obviously more expensive than a normal roof. They also usually include more restrictive setbacks from property lines, the beach, the road, etc. Obviously, the structural engineer is just going to check that the house is not going to collapse after construction. They will also check to see if sewerage and gray water are dealt with properly. They do not deal with the location of the building. That is done by the municipal. When the structural engineer has approved the plans he will affix his stamp to the plans. The municipal will then send out an environmental team to check the plans and the location. This is to see that the building will fit into the location where you plan to build it and that it does not break any of the environmental rules. For example, mangroves are protected and must not be disturbed, you are not allowed to build near the iron shore, too close to the property line, etc. In some cases, it is sensible to go to the municipal before submitting the plans to ask for a precheck of the location. For instance, if you are building on a steep slope, or if you are going to be building close to the iron shore then a precheck would be very sensible as the inspector can tell you that you need to be a certain distance from certain outcrops of the rock. This might mean adjusting the architectural drawings so that the supports are in slightly different locations. Doing this will save you time by presenting plans that the inspectors are likely to accept without comment. If it passes the environmental municipal inspectors then next follows a civil engineer. On average, this occurs about 20 days later. They double-check that the engineering is good for the location and that the structure of the building will be sound. The final sign-off is the Mayor of the municipality where the building is located. Either the municipality of Roatán (west part) or José Santos Guardiola (east part). You can usually build straight away, however, if there is a large evacuation of dirt they may not let you build until the rainy season is over to prevent excessive runoff from the site into the sea. At this point, you can just build. There are no scheduled checks but the inspectors can turn up at any time and have the right to inspect the work being done. If someone complains for any reason it may trigger an inspection. Once you start building you can build right from the foundation to the finished building without any inspection. It would be unusual for them not to check at some point but there is no requirement for them to do so. Costs The costs are from before the pandemic as the prices at the moment are high. I cannot tell if they are artificially high due to supply chain issues and if they will go down again. It is possible the large increase in construction on the island is allowing builders to charge more money and make more money. Also, prices between builders vary tremendously. The one thing I suggest strongly is that you go with a builder with a strong track record. Picking a builder based on price is a mistake. It is a mistake anywhere but the last thing you want is a legal dispute with your builder and have to go to court to settle things. To build a barebones house so that it is finished with plumbing and wiring, but nothing else should cost about $80 to $120 per square foot. The variance depends on the type of construction, your choice of builder, and the difficulty of construction. To get the house finished is $130 to $150 but can go as high as $200 if you have very high-end finishings. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Also, a lot depends on your involvement in construction. If you are a builder you can manage the construction yourself and do the finishing yourself. So your costs would be completely different. Most people who buy here just want to take possession of a completed house. I am happy to recommend builders my clients have used and are happy with but it is always recommended you do your own research and ask for references. The paperwork you will need to provide or prepare is as follows. From property owner ID Passport or residence Copy of the property deed Real estate taxes payment receipt to show all taxes are up to date Copy of the green card solvency of personal taxes paid The budget for the work must detail labor, materials, and expenses From Architect Architecture plans. If foreign they still must be stamped by a Honduran licensed architect. Licensed engineer's stamp on the drawings From Builder Builder documents: Builders Identity documents Valid builder license Builder Solvency Clicking this button will copy a summary of the page and the URL to the clipboard so you can then paste it into Facebook to share it. Roatan Municipal Office Dixon Cove ACE Hardware Mount Pleasant

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    A Realty Tour for Cruise Ship Passengers Are you interested in moving to Roatan? Do you want a beautiful beachfront holiday home without the costs involved in buying in the Caymans and other Caribbean islands? Want to invest in land for your future retirement where the cost of living is affordable and the lifestyle enjoyable. I am happy to help create a personalized tour of the island to show you land and homes that you might have seen online. If you are still in the early stages of looking I can give you a general tour of the island and the different areas that people choose to live in and why. ​ For more details fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Send me info Cruise Lines and Roatan Roatan has two ports that can serve over a million visitors a year. Mahogany bay alone can have 8,000 passengers disembarking in one day. The original port is located in Coxen Hole which is the largest town on the island but is not a place I would recommend you use to judge the beauty of the island. It serves ships primarily from Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines. It can currently accommodate three ships on the same day and more details can be found on the Port of Roatan website. ​ The other, Mahogany Bay , which opened in 2009 is located halfway up the island in the middle of nowhere so they built a beach and a large shopping area so people can get off the boar and never actually visit Roatan at all. It is owned and operated by Carnival Cruise Lines and serves ships from Carnival and their affiliated lines. ​ Cruise ships are very contentious in Roatan. On one hand, they bring in a lot of visitors who go on tours and those tours employ a lot of people. On the other hand, it is a huge influx of people that the island does not have the resources to cope with so many visitors. As most passengers stick to the tours they do not spend as much money as people who are on vacation here. ​ Regardless people come some days in their thousands. The cruise lines do their best to keep you close to the ship, even to the point of making their beach. Around the port, they have interests in or own all the business and of course profit from all that is spent. Leaving the island only the wages of those that work within the confines of the port. ​ Much better for the island are those that come here for a week or more at a time. They pay for hotel rooms, food, tours, drinks, shows, and many other things that support the local economy. Some brave souls book tours or grab a taxi and explore the island for themselves. There is much to see and the island has many beautiful spots. Several good friend tours that will take you through mangroves, visiting sloths, hanging out in local bars, or just lazing on the many beaches. If you want to be put in contact with one of these tour companies send me a message and I will be happy to send you some ideas. ​ You can find more details about the ports on the IQCruising website . Current schedules for Mahogony bay can be found here. and for the Port of Roatan here . Your personalized realty tour with a fully licensed realtor! A tour for people only visiting the island by cruise ship has quite a few challenges. You have a small window of time. You sometimes arrive very early, and that is not good for seeing homes. You often want to see more than is possible in one day. It is not always possible to see the properties you want on the day the ship docks. Sometimes the ship for one reason or another does not dock as it passes by. We have to find each other in the craziness that is thousands of people getting off the ship together. The biggest issue is that you only have that small time window, on that particular day, to see what you want. That means we need to carefully plan well ahead of where we are going and what we want to see. It is why I require that we have at least two zoom conference meetings before you take the cruise to agree to the tour. This is so I can understand what your underlying goals are and make sure you have the most successful tour possible. ​ The tour costs $40 for up to 4 people (5 at a squeeze) I am not charging per person as I am not trying to make money. The charge is there as a commitment device to ensure you are serious about the tour. Otherwise, people do not turn up as agreed. So the fee just covers the gas, not my time. The Ports are a long way away from anything. ​ If you make an offer on any property that is accepted I promise to take you all out to a wonderful dinner or refund the money which every you prefer. Also if for some reason your ship does not dock I will refund your money in full as that is these things happen and are totally out of our control. Contact Chas First Name Last Name Email Write a message Code arrow&v Phone Submit Thanks for submitting!

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    copy summary & link Pets - travel, and care ​ “Sometimes losing a pet is more painful than losing a human because in the case of the pet, you were not pretending to love it.” – Amy Sedaris ​ Pet Relocation Important . If you are considering bringing your pets down here be aware it may be difficult or even impossible to take them back to the country of origin. You must take the right precautions before leaving your own country to facilitate any return. I cannot emphasize enough to have your pet chipped and ensure all of its vaccinations are valid for a long period after entry to Honduras. The first recommendation I have is to apply to join the Facebook group "Roatan Pet Lovers" as there is no better information than that given by other pet lovers who have had to deal with the various issues that may occur on Roatan. ​ During COVID, the USA put a flat ban on returning animals from Honduras. Their stated reason was Rabies, but as far as I know, Roatan and the mainland of Honduras are totally free of Rabies. They eventually eased up on the total ban but it is still severely restricted. As of right now, it is only possible to obtain the waivers to take a dog to the USA via a lot of paperwork, time, and expenses. As of September 22, 2021, Canada followed the USA's lead and added Honduras to the list of countries that you are not allowed to bring animals from again for Rabies reasons. Read the press release here. The only way to facilitate your pet being able to return is to have it chipped and ensure all of its vaccinations are still valid in the country of origin. As long as those steps have been taken, the process is straightforward. In the case they have expired, having them boosted in Honduras will not count, so it is strongly advised that you continuously monitor that every vaccination is up to date in case you wish to return home with your pet. Honduras does not require vaccinations, however, fungi, diseases, and viruses are very active here so you must make sure your animals are vaccinated against as many as possible, and that you’ve taken all preventive measures available to keep them safe. For example, monthly heartworm tablets and medication to prevent or hinder flea and tick bites are crucial in Honduras. One of the biggest dangers your pet will face on Roatan is from other dogs. Not only do we have a street dog problem in Roatan, but many owners of dogs let their dogs roam free. It is a sad fact that there are several dogs killed a year by dog attacks. Dog attacks are often started by known violent dogs as there are no repercussions for the dog owners. Try to be aware of any areas where "known" dogs live and learn to recognize them. The best way to be aware is to talk to other owners here on Roatan. Bringing your pet here is a big decision and the most important consideration should be the comfort of your pet and whether you are sure you are here for the long term. Unfortunately, animal abuse is sadly almost a norm in Honduras. It is a country where they still have dog and cock fighting. You will often see dogs tied to posts outside homes and that is their whole life 24 hours a day. Such animals can be very aggressive and you and your pets need to keep your distance. Kidnapping can be a problem on the island, especially for rare or in-demand breeds. Therefore it is sensible to know where your pet is at all times and not let them wander. If your pet is taken, report it immediately on the various Facebook groups as there is a chance it just wandered off or someone saw something that can help. Traveling with pets The majority of airlines flying to Roatan do not allow you to travel with large pets. In-cabin pets that are allowed are domesticated cats and dogs that can fit in a travel carrier underneath the seat in front of you. Limits tend to be between 20 and 25lbs for the weight of the pet and the carrier. You must check with the airlines you plan to fly with as not only do restrictions vary from carrier to carrier they vary from plane to plane. From the United webpage: "A pet traveling in a cabin must be carried in an approved hard-sided or soft-sided kennel. The kennel must fit completely under the seat in front of you and remain there at all times. The maximum dimensions for hard-sided kennels are 17.5 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7.5 inches high (44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm). The recommended maximum dimensions for soft-sided kennels are 18 inches long x 11 inches wide x 11 inches high (46 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm). Soft-sided pet carriers can exceed these dimensions slightly because they are collapsible and able to fit underneath a seat without blocking the aisle." ​ On Arrival at Roatan airport When you arrive at the airport you will need to go through immigration to the baggage area. There you will be found by the airport staff. There is a small office by the baggage claim area the staff will take you along with your pups there and go through your paperwork. It is advised to bring small bills with you as they probably will not have the ability to give change. The cost per dog is approximately $22 USD. Large pets are not currently allowed at all. It is possible to find routes via other countries e.g. San Pedro via Mexico or Guatemala but they can be rather long and arduous. Some people fly down in what seems like outlandishly expensive private planes and will occasionally post for extra passengers or fare contributors to reduce the cost. There are now several people who physically drive dogs from North America to Roatan. I inquired into the cost of these services and they are in the thousands of dollars range. Returning as I have stated is a completely different matter as you are facing your country of origin requirements, not Honduras and as that changes all the time I strongly suggest you check the latest information in a Facebook group. Veterinary Care Endemic Diseases and conditions on Roatan As the climate here is hot and humid, a wonderful climate for viruses, parasites, and bacteria, the diseases are active not just in other animals, but they are transmissible in the soil as well. Therefore you cannot protect your pet by keeping it away from other animals. Vaccination and regular medication are the only way and unfortunately, even those methods are not 100% reliable so it is advised that you get a snap blood test at least once a year to check your pet's health. Canine distemper Canine distemper is caused by a very contagious virus. Puppies and dogs usually become infected through virus particles in the air or in the respiratory secretions of infected dogs. Infected dogs typically develop runny eyes, fever, a snotty nose, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and paralysis. It is often fatal. Fortunately, there is an effective vaccine to protect your dog from this deadly disease. The canine distemper vaccine is considered a "core" vaccine and is recommended for every dog. Canine parvovirus ("parvo") Parvo is caused by a virus that is very contagious and attacks the gastrointestinal system, causing fever, vomiting, and severe, often bloody, diarrhea. Unprotected dogs basically die from diarrhea. It is spread by direct contact between dogs as well as by contaminated stool, surfaces, bowls, collars, leashes, equipment, and the hands and clothing of people. It can also survive in the soil for years, making the virus hard to kill. If the disease progresses too far before being treated, the treatment is expensive (>$1,000) and many dogs die from parvo despite or even because of the intensive treatment. Fortunately, there is a vaccine for parvo. It is essential in Honduras that your dog is vaccinated against it. Fungal infections and skin diseases Fungal organisms in the soil can infect dogs when they eat or sniff contaminated soil. Dogs can also be infected through the skin, especially through a skin wound. ​ In general, the fungus infects the body through the respiratory tract and causes fever, coughing, lethargy, and flu-like or pneumonia-like signs. If eaten, digestive problems (e.g., pain, diarrhea) can occur. Immunosuppressed dogs (dogs whose immune systems are weakened because of disease or certain medications) are much more likely to become infected with these fungi and develop a disease. Heartworm Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes and can cause coughing, lethargy, difficulty breathing, heart disease, and death. Since we have year-round mosquitos and it is likely that most street dogs have heartworm, it is a safe bet to say that the majority of mosquitoes will be carriers if they have bitten other dogs first. Regular medication and checkups are necessary. Heatstroke Roatan is hot and humid year-round. In summer the temperatures can be unbearable for a dog with a thick coat or one that is unable to rid itself of excess heat. Make sure your dogs always have plenty of access to water. A lot of bars are dog friendly here and are used to people asking for water for their dogs. Short-nosed breeds, such as pugs, Boston Terriers, boxers, bulldogs, etc. are more prone to heatstroke and breathing problems because they don't pant as effectively as breeds with normal-length noses. Signs of heatstroke include excessive panting and drooling, anxiousness, weakness, abnormal gum color (darker red or even purple), collapse, and death. Any dog showing signs of heatstroke should be immediately taken to a shaded area and cooled with cold, wet towels that are wrung out and rewetted every few minutes. Running cool water over the dog's body and quickly wiping it away (so the water absorbs the skin's heat and is immediately wiped away) can also help. Transport the dog to a veterinarian immediately, because heatstroke can rapidly become deadly. Injuries Again because of the heat, humidity, and the prevalence of bacteria and fungus, any scratch or injury must be taken seriously and treated appropriately. If possible deep bite wounds should be evaluated by a veterinarian in case stitching is required or a vein/artery has been cut. At a bare minimum, the area must be carefully cleaned and treated with medications. Intestinal parasites Parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms lay eggs that are passed in the dog's stool and infect other dogs when they eat contaminated soil, lick contaminated fur or paws, or drink water that has been contaminated with the stool from infected dogs. Tapeworms are also spread when dogs eat fleas, lice, or rodents infected with tapeworms. These worms can cause malnutrition (because they steal nutrients as food is being digested) and diarrhea, and hookworms can cause blood loss. Regular checkups and monthly medication are necessary to prevent infection and start treatment if your pet is infected. Adoption Animal Rescue and giving your time and support to help From fostering rescue dogs to donating money or your time, there are many ways to help out animals and volunteer in Roatan. There are several charities based on the island, such as Roatan Operation Animal Rescue (ROAR), ROAR focuses on spaying and neutering street dogs and cats and actively rehoming them where possible. ROAR is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit & Honduran-registered NGO. They have a network of volunteers who help take a diseased-ridden and mistreated animal and turn it into a socialized pet ready for adoption. They hold many fundraising events around the year to help raise money to keep the operation going. Roatan Operation Animal Rescue (ROAR) Clicking this button will copy a summary of the page and the URL to the clipboard so you can then paste it into Facebook to share it.

  • Buyers Agent | Life On Roatan Remax Realtor On The Island Of Roatan Honduras

    Your bespoke buyers agent! My only loyalty is to you. Buyers agent Focus Strong Negotiator 17+ years on Roatan Integrity Local knowledge Why use a buyers agent Focus First and foremost my only loyalty is to you. That means I am focused on your needs and desires. I am not influenced by any other factors. Some listing agents have a natural tendency to show properties they are selling themselves regardless of what you are looking for in a home. Strong Negotiator With no other factors influencing me I will always be able to give you the best advice on how to negotiate the price you want to pay for a property. I know I have saved my clients' many thousands of dollars by understanding the situation of the sellers and the current market. Roatan Real Estate Expertise As a full member of the Roatan Realestate Association (RRA) , I have full access to the Multiple Listing Service MLS and can make it available to you. I am not limited to the MLS and can find you properties not even yet listed on the market. Realtors who are not members of the RRA are restricted from accessing the full details of the MLS and they are not held to any code of conduct. Integrity As well as being bound by a code of ethics enforced by the RRA. I hold myself to a higher standard by knowing that subconsciously or consciously no one can act in the best interest of both parties in a transaction. I am committed to giving my honest, if not always welcome, opinion. If a property has drawbacks or issues I will point them out to you so you can make a fair and educated decision on any purchase. Local knowledge I have been on the island for 17 years. From the first moment I moved here, I knew this was going to be my "forever" home. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the island with people and giving them insights into what it is like to live here. ​ ​ Clear cache