Internet being delivered by MaxCom the largest supplier of internet on the island of Roatan
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TV and Internet availability


"Last night the internet stopped working so I spent some time with my family. They seem like nice people."



Internet quality and availability

The internet quality here is good enough for almost any need. You are more likely to have a dropout due to power than the internet. It's always good to have a cellphone with an internet hotspot and a laptop for when the power goes out and you are not close to a generator.


The internet on the island until recently was provided solely by microwave radios that linked us to the mainland. These radios were high capacity and quite effective. Sometimes during storms, the internet could become unstable. Just like elsewhere in the world unless you pay a premium for dedicated bandwidth than to some extent you are sharing your bandwidth with other people.


Recently, I believe, an underwater cable has been run to La Ceiba to link us to the mainland. This will vastly improve the bandwidth and latency to the island. I am not sure why they did not route the fiber directly to Puerto Cortes as the distance is similar as I believe is the sea depth. Puerto Cortes is where the main internet ring arrives in Central America. By linking there we would have avoided the necessity of connecting via fiber overland from Ceiba to Puerto Cortes. Unfortunately, this connection means that we are at the mercy of any storm or crazy driver that knocks over a pole between the two locations. There must have been some kind of financial reason that I am unaware of as a direct connection to Puerto Cortes would have made out network separate from the Honduras mainland.

The major provider on the island is Max Communications  Max website


They have run fiber up and down the island and with this, they can deliver high-speed internet and a sickeningly long list of TV channels including high-definition ones. Over 300 I think bilingual stations. Here is the list on Facebook.

The is a list of channels for basic and two for digital channels. One and two.

They have 3 locations 

Coxen Hole:

Unit 4, Bonilla building, first floor,

next to Cooperativa Santos Guardiola, Main Street

Tel: 2454-7070 Ext. 3735


French Harbor:

Unit L-36, Megaplaza Mall

Tel: 2454-7070 Ext. 3714


Oak Ridge:

Oak Ridge Cay,

Santos Guardiola

Tel: 2454-7070 Ext. 3725

They provide a lot of other services such as video surveillance across the internet for your home or business so you should check out their pages.

It is always hard to get hold of their current pricing but they sent me this via Facebook. Obviously, check up with them for the latest packages.


Maxcom Radio connections


There are many parts of the island that fiber will not reach for a long time, if ever. Line of sight radios can provide internet to some locations. That is what I use and they work well. I can stream movies and have internet video calls with no issues. Though I do not get the TV channels. Not a big loss to me.


For those off the grid - Starlink


Soon Starlink will be available around the world as soon as Musk finishes his massive satellite network in low earth orbit. This service is already available in the USA, Mexico, and Ukraine and it is just a matter of time before they switch it on here. Then you will be able to have low latency high capacity internet anywhere in the world. 


If you live far from the nearest internet connection point the cost appears to be quite reasonable. After all, you do not need to build the infrastructure to your house with Starlink and you can relocate it easily.


"High-speed, low-latency broadband internet in remote and rural locations across the globe. $110/mo with a one-time hardware cost of $599."


This will probably change the world over time as it will remove the need for expensive land infrastructure and will change the business model of supplying the internet in general.




If you want to stream your favorite TV services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Disney, etc. you will need to have a VPN that will allow you to fool those services into believing that you are in the USA, UK, or Europe. Wherever you like to get your local services. I use ExpressVPN which works well but as in all things check around and see what others are using and how much it costs them.


You can try it for 30 days using this link (ExpressVPN) and you can use it across multiple computers and TVs

Interent packages and costs available via MaxCom on Roatan
Max MaxCom basic and premium channels supplied on the fiber internet on TRoatan Honduras
StarLink on Roatan internet access offgrid

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