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Weather and yearly events

Roatan has wonderful weather as far as I am concerned.  A few days a year a cold front hits, dropping the temperature by 10F/5C and it gets cold enough to wear long sleeves and trousers. That's just us locals as you will still see tourists happily swimming and sunbathing while we are shivering. The fact is that the temperature is fairly consistent with a low around 77F/25C. High around 88F/31C. What might make it cooler is clouds/rain and wind. 


If you are used to summer days of endless light and winter days of constant darkness then you will be shocked at the lack of change here. The shortest night is 8hs 12 mins and the longest is 10hrs 16 mins which means that sunrise and sunset only move about an hour a year. The earliest sunrise of the year is 5:12 am and the latest is at 6:17 am. Similarly, sunset varies from 5:11 pm to 6:22 pm. 


The tides usually only vary daily by a fraction of a foot and over the year by only a few feet. Essentially that means that the beaches seem to look the same almost every day except when there is a storm and the low pressure pulls up the level of the sea.

Average Rainfall.png

Above is a rainfall chart recently published by Mike the Weather Guy. He is my go-to on all things about Roatan weather. He has a Facebook page and a daily blog. You can see that the most rain falls in our rainy season which is October to January which accounts for two-thirds of the year's rain. Of course, those are only averages and you can see from his charts there are always exceptional months.  

Not by accident we consider October to December excluding the Christmas New Year period our slow season. However, the weather can be wonderful during those months with glorious sunshine but without being too hot. No one can be sure what the weather will be like when people arrive however it is one of the most common questions people ask on Facebook groups. Hopefully, these figures give you a general idea.

The Pacific Hurricane Season begins on the 15th of May and ends around the 15th of November. However, no one seems to have told the hurricanes that so they can come earlier or later. It is extremely rare for a storm to form further south than Honduras and if Honduras is hit it is, unfortunately, the mainland that is mostly affected. Large amounts of rainfall can cause terrible flooding.  There hasn't been a bad hurricane in the Bay Islands for over 20 years and it seems with the seas warming that the hurricanes are being pushed further and further north towards the USA.

Notable dates and events during the year

This is a list of public holidays and notable days throughout the year. It is quite common for the government to move public holidays around and combine them. So that they end up having a four-day weekend somewhere in the year. You will only know about it when it is declared by the government. 

January 1    New Year's Day (Año Nuevo)        Public holiday (PH)

March 19    Father's Day (Día del Padre)

April 2nd    Easter week (Semana Santa) 2023 commences on Palm Sunday PH
The biggest holiday on the Central American calendar and to some of us the most dreaded one. Holy week or Semana Santa as it is known locally is a party week. Almost everyone in Central America is given this week off as a holiday so all the countries head to holiday locations. No work can be done this week because only essential businesses are open. If you want to see what the island looks like with every inch of West Bay beach filled and with parties going on until 4 am in the morning then this is the week for you. Vacation prices for this week can be triple the normal cost. At the beginning of the week, there are 2 ferries bringing in people for everyone leaving and that reverses towards the end of the week.

April 7th     Good Friday

April 9        Easter Sunday. The end of Semana Santa.

April 14      Americas Day    (Día de la Americas)      PH

May 1          Labour Day (Día de Trabajo)         PH

May 14th    Mother's Day (Día de la Madre)

End July    Conch Festiva Guanaja Conch Festival

Septr 10    Children's Day (Día del Niño)

Sept 15      Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) PH

October 3     Francisco Morazán's Day/Soldier's Day (Día del Soldado) PH

October 12    Discovery of America Day (Día del Descubrimiento de América) PH

October 21    Armed Forces Day (Día de las Fuerzas Armadas) PH

Dec 25      Christmas (Navidad)

Dec 31st    New Years Eve (Vispera de Año Nuevo)