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Semana Santa the busiest week of the year

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Notable dates and events during the year

This is a list of public holidays and notable days throughout the year. It is quite common for the government to move public holidays around and combine them. So that they end up having a four-day weekend somewhere in the year. You will only know about it when it is declared by the government. 

New Year Festivities 


January 1     New Year's Day (Año Nuevo) Public holiday (PH)

March 19      Father's Day (Día del Padre)

April 2           Easter week (Semana Santa) 2023 commences on Palm Sunday PH

Semana Santa

The dreaded Semana Santa. If you want to see what the island looks like with every inch of beach filled and parties going on until 4 am, then this is the week for you. Vacation prices for this week can be triple the normal cost. This week everyone in Central America is given a holiday so all the countries head to holiday locations. There are 2 ferries bringing in people for everyone leaving at the beginning of the week and heading back home towards the end of the week.

April 7         Good Friday

April 9        Easter Sunday. The end of Semana Santa.

April 14      Americas Day (Día de la Americas)  PH = Public Holiday

May 1         Labour Day (Día de Trabajo) PH

Caribbean Cup Free Diving Competition

May 17-24

Free Diving Championship

May 14     Mother's Day (Día de la Madre)

July         Conch Festiva Guanaja Conch Festival (usually the last week of the month)

Sept 10   Children's Day (Día del Niño)

Sept 15    Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) PH

Roatan International Fishing Tournament

Sept 16 - 20

Morazan Week

Oct 3      Francisco Morazán's Day/Soldier's Day (Día del Soldado) PH

Oct 5th to the 7th is combined with other public holidays to make a 5-day holiday in the first week of October.

3rd Annual Roatan International Lionfish Tournament

Oct 9 - 14

Oct 12      Discovery of America Day (Día del Descubrimiento de América) PH

Oct 21      Armed Forces Day (Día de las Fuerzas Armadas) PH

Dec 25     Christmas (Navidad)

Dec 31st   New Years Eve (Vispera de Año Nuevo)

Semans Santa 2023

Holy Week 2023 in Honduras will begin on

Sunday, April 2
and ends on
Saturday, April 8

Holy Week 2024 in Honduras will begin on


March 24

and ends on


March 3


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