Butterfly Shifts From Shabby To Chic With A Tweak Of The Scales

Evolution# in action.  By selective breeding a butterfly adds beautiful color within a year. According to research published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, small changes to those structures can give a butterfly a more glamorous outfit



Our friends are genetically similar to ourselves!

People often talk about how their friends feel like family. Well, there's some new research out that suggests there's more to that than just a feeling. People appear to be more like their friends genetically than they are to strangers, the research found.

"The striking thing here is that friends are actually significantly more similar to one another than we were expecting," says James Fowler, a professor of medical genetics at the University of California, San Diego, who conducted the study with Dr. Nicholas Christakis, a social scientist at Yale University.

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Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain?

ONE moment you're conscious, the next you're not. For the first time, researchers have switched off consciousness by electrically stimulating a single brain area.

Scientists have been probing individual regions of the brain for over a century, exploring their function by zapping them with electricity and temporarily putting them out of action. Despite this, they have never been able to turn off consciousness – until now.

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Roatan rated 2nd best island to snorkel on in the World.

Islands magazine rated

World's Best Islands for Snorkeling

They've ranked the 25 island spots for the best snorkeling in the world, from No. 25 (the Galapagos) to No. 1 (?). See which spots you've already visited for snorkeling and scuba diving, and which spots you want to see next. (Roatan is rated number 2)


The podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

I am often asked what podcasts I listen to so here is a list. NPR, BBC, Fresh Air, NPR Science, The Why Factor, NPR Pop Culture, NPR TED, Inquiring Minds, Grammar Girl, Science Magazine Podcast, Science Friday, BBC Inside Science, NPR all songs, NPR Books Podcast, In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, Freakonomics, NPR  Technology Podcast, Thinking Allowed, Stuff you missed in History Class, Hard Talk, Point of Inquiry, Skeptoid, Naked Scientist Stripping down science, Discovery, NueroPod, Big Picture Science , NPR StoryCorps, This American Life, Rationally Speaking, Science Hour, The Skeptic Zone, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Graham Nortan, Skepticality, Psychology in Everyday life, Science Talk , Naked Neuroscience, Great Lives My History can beat up your politics, 

Travelling is not running away

A great perspective on travel can be had from this blog


When I started traveling, my dad asked what I’m running away from. My mother constantly wants to know when I will “settle down” and join the “real world”. Someone once commented on my blog and told me to stop running away and live life. There was even a blog called “Mom says I’m Running Away” once.

I’m not sure why, but there is this perception out there that anyone who travels long-term and isn’t interested in settling down or getting a conventional job must be running away from something.