A Letter from the Author

I hope you will enjoy my book. A lot of  time, energy, and pieces of my sanity were put into it. Quite unusually for an author, I actively encourage copying (piracy) and distribution through file-sharing sites. The paperback is available in hotel rooms, coffee shops, and other places for people to read without purchasing. I do this because I want people to read it. I can think of no better reward than knowing I have, in some small way, helped make a positive impact on a stranger’s life.

If you enjoyed it but did not pay for it, ask yourself what you think it was worth: a coffee, a drink, a meal? I would appreciate it if you would pay that amount. Honor system - no judgment.  If you are broke, I understand. Donate when you can. I have faith that there are better times ahead for you. If you have enough, earn some good karma by donating a bit more for those who cannot afford to pay. But above all - share, share, share! Tell your family and friends, write a review on Amazon or  GoodReads, email the e-book, torrent it, loan out or give away the paperback. 

Please contribute your thoughts via email or my Facebook page. Don’t forget to say hi! I love to travel and maybe one day I will be couch-surfing in your area!

-> You can find the download info here. <-

Warm regards,

Chas Watkins
Roatan 2013